Ultraviolet backdrops

48′ Cyclorama Wall

We really hate using the word “HUGE” at Ultraviolet as a current world leader has coined this word for nearly everything he does. So, we won’t use that word to describe our Cyclorama wall (pronounced C-Y-C or “psych-lo-rama”). Instead, imagine sultry saxophone music playing in the background as you read about it.


There are two great illusionists in our book; the first is David Copperfield who has blown our minds more than once and the second is the Ultraviolet Cyclorama wall. Even John Snow can’t get north of this 48’ wide wall.


With a perfectly crafted 42” radius our wall curves smoothly to meet our studio floor. When lit properly, the corner-less joint provides the illusion of a floor that continues to infinity. Et voila!  A stay-in-place, seamless backdrop void of sharp angles, hard corners, dense shadows, outlets, and other pesky visual obstructions.  (Yes, we are saying you will be able to create real magic with this beast).


In still photography, the greatest advantage of taking photos on a cyc is the ability to make your background virtually disappear. So whatever you are photographing, whether it be acrobats or dogsleds, the subject takes center stage at Ultraviolet.


For video production, our cyclorama (the magical one) generates a clean palate to unlock unlimited possibilities in production and post-production. Need multiple camera angles and the ability to move around large objects, groups, or performances? We’ve got 48′ of continued seamless space for large-scale productions.



The D.A. and PETA require us to disclose the following statement:


“We at Ultraviolet Studios, LLC. wholeheartedly confirm, without any shadow of a doubt, that no Unicorns or other magical creatures were harmed or abused in any way with the making of our Cyclorama wall.  We further declare that a magical vortex is directly integrated and that you (the artist) will only be limited by your own imagination in the creation of magical things.”

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Shooting Bays

If the big ‘ole Cyclorama wall is a bit bland for your colorful personality/palate Ultraviolet Studios offers 3, 11.5’ shooting bays. Each bay is equipped with 3 seamless paper rolls on a track system to easily change the backgrounds to match the color mood of your shoot. Ultraviolet Studios can order custom seamless rolls to match that perfect “Pongee Wheat” color your art director needs for your upcoming shoot.


P.S. If you happen to be part of the 1% of humans who are allergic to paper no worries, you can simply shoot against the brick wall of each bay or use our mobile wall rigs. (Pretty diverse right) Wait, have you met our mobile walls? Keep reading!

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Mobile Shooting Walls

It’s weird, we feel like we have so much in common: you love studios with mobile walls and we love to build colored walls! You like stuff, we like stuff too. If this was a dating app, I feel we would have swiped on each other by now. But if you have any doubt about our mutual love of mobile walls, let me let me blow your mind with this next announcement:


We have multiple mobile walls!!!


You can now push our 10’x10′ walls anywhere the light looks sexy. Each double-sided wall (aren’t they all?) features its own color and/or texture. Combine them at an angle to create a room for a styled shoot, block off sections of the studio for added privacy or simply lean against one and put out your artistic vibe.

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